Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Flatline Review

So Clara got to be the Doctor for a day. Not many companions get that honor. Clara has been shaping up to be one of the Doctor's more trusted companions. First she learned learned his name and about the War Doctor and now she's gotten use the title Doctor. Mind you, she almost immediately changed it to Dr. Oswald, but the Doctor did say she was the Doctor. I can only speculate on what other honors Steven Moffat will bestow upon her in the future.

A long time ago, I heard about a story that was roughly the opposite of this one. I forget whether it was a fan production, a novel, or simply a concept, but the idea was that the Doctor and his companion were transported to the 2 dimensional world. It's sort of similar to how the Doctor became a cartoon in Fear Her. I seem to recall it starring the 4th Doctor and Romana.

There's a connection at the end of this episode to Voyage of the Damned. In that episode, the Doctor and Mr. Copper discussed how the people who survive things aren't always the ones who deserve to and if you could pick who lived and died that "would make you some sort of monster." In this episode, Wade seemed to hold a very low opinion of the community service people and wasn't very upset that they had died. He was just glad he lived.

Isn't the chameleon circuit supposed to be broken? Changing into siege mode seems like it would require a functional one. I've always sort of suspected that the chameleon circuit is fully functional and has been for a long time now. The TARDIS simply knows that the Doctor likes that form and has chosen to lock herself into it. I mean, we know that the TARDIS can regenerate itself, so it seems to fit that if it did that, the chameleon circuit would be repaired. We also know that the TARDIS is sentient and (at least it seems) has some sort of feelings for the Doctor. Even if they aren't romantic feelings, she at least wants him to be happy and part of that is taking a familiar form.

Clara doesn't seem too happy about all the lying she had to do while being the Doctor. She had to lie to community payback crew about who she was and whether they would survive. She also lied to Danny about her whereabouts and had to deal with the fact that she had lied to the Doctor about Danny being okay with them traveling. The Doctor even mentioned her as being "a doctor of lies". This is tied to the fact that the constant lying is part of what drove her apart from the Doctor in the first place. Now she got to stand in his shoes and see how much lying it takes to be the Doctor.

More A Fractured House Promo Pics

ABC has released ten more images from next week's episode of Agents of SHIELD.

DC Movie Announcement

Warner Bros and DC have recently made a large announcement regarding their movies over the coming years. First off, Ezra Miller has been confirmed as the Flash and Jason Mamoa as Aquaman. Second, there will be two Justice League movies, coming out in 2017 and 2019. Suicide Squad is scheduled for 2016 and Wonder Woman the next year. The Flash and Aquaman will be coming out in 2018 with Shazam the following year. Green Lantern and Cyborg are also expected for 2020.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Fractured House Trailer

Here's the trailer for next week's episode of Agents of SHIELD.

Paper Moon Trailer

Here's the trailer for next week's Supernatural.

Face My Enemy Review

They said in this episode that there was another person out there who was carving the alien symbols. Assuming the symbols are Cree (as hypothesized by fans), then perhaps the carver is Carol Danvers. If this is true, is could act as Ms. Marvel's introduction to the Cinematic Universe and possibly a future movie appearance.

We finally got a Philinda episode. I know a lot of the fans (including myself) ship them, as do Clark Gregg and Ming Na-Wen. It appears even Hydra ships them, since Agent 33 accepted a date with Phil in May's place. Unfortunately, that was what tipped Phil off, since May apparently hates coffee. I don't know whether Phil meant coffee in general or going out with him for it, but I'm hoping for the former.

They actually had me thinking for a while there that Talbot was Hydra. I wasn't really expecting that mask technology to make an appearance. After May kicked "Talbot" and his face glitched, my first thought was that he was a life model decoy. I'm glad Hydra hasn't infiltrated that far into the government (that we know of). However, it may be a Hydra agent who's pushing him to get rid of SHIELD. If Talbot discovers he's been taking orders from Hydra this whole time, that may change his views of SHIELD.

Is it wrong that I'm worrying about Raina? She seems to be in a bit of trouble at the end of this episode. Maybe it's because I'm no longer sure if she's working for Hydra. Last season it was pretty clear that she was working for Centipede, but now she's taken to referring to Hydra in the third person. She may have more of an interest in superhumans, regardless of whose side they're working on. I'm also curious why the obelisk elected not to kill her. She must be special in some way, though maybe she's just especially evil.

Paper Moon Promo Pics

The CW has released the promo pics for next week's Supernatural